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BCS International Diploma

Business Analysis

The waterfall era is over. Agile teams organize themselves and are facilitated. Classic roles no longer exist and management roles are reduced.

The role of Business Analyst often still exists in Agile environments or professionals with a Business Analysis background are asked as Product Owner by proxy (because the business cannot sufficiently fulfill the bridging function or is simply too busy).

The market is getting fuller and fuller with people posing as Business Analysts when they are not.

In terms of content, real Business Analysts on C.V. can still be distinguished, but clients are increasingly asking for certifications as evidence. And not the kind that can be achieved in an afternoon, but a solid market standard.


The International BCS Diploma in Business Analysis consists of 4 certificates and an oral exam.

The certificates can be obtained by attending a full training course and taking a spicy exam. The oral exam is taken in English via a video call. All in all, this requires a lot of effort, not something you will do if you are not a real Business Analyst.

The logical step in our field after the Business Analysis Foundation is the Business Analysis Practitioner. Upon successful completion (and having already obtained the BA Foundation) two more Practitioner certifications need to be obtained.